Tips for Every Room In the House

Give the house a real “once over” cleaning. Clean it from top to bottom. Clean houses have a competitive edge over dirty houses.

  • Let some air in. Get a fresh breeze going to completely air out the house and get rid of any “stale” odors you may not even notice. Springtime fresh!
  • Start packing now. Pack up everything you don’t use right now, put it in boxes and store the boxes out of the house if possible.
  • Think model home. Remove “extra” furniture and accessories. Make it appear spacious, not crowded. That favorite chair may have to go for now.
  • Clean and deodorize carpets, paying special attention to high-traffic areas and stains that can be removed.
  • Check all the light fixtures and lamps, replacing burned-out or low-light bulbs with bright white bulbs. Make sure light switches are functional; consider updating them.
  • If the couch, chairs or loveseat need some updating, try a neutral slip cover and add accent color with some throw pillows.
  • Check for squeaky doors, and add a little WD-40 to remove the squeaks.
  • If necessary, paint interior walls. Paint is relatively cheap, and a great return on investment. It doesn’t have to be white, but stay away from the other end of the spectrum. Neutrals are usually best.
  • Remove any peeled or torn wallpaper and borders.
  • Check the window coverings to make sure the blinds work properly. Clean them and keep them open to let in as much light as possible.
  • Remove all valuables and make sure confidential documents are out of sight, and safe.
  • Weed out the magazine racks and coffee table. Only the most current magazines should be in view.
  • Make sure the house smells its best at all times. Keep cat boxes clean at all times, and preferably out of the house for showings.
  • Do some plant and flower triage, removing the ones that aren’t going to make it. Clean the leaves of the healthy ones and make sure they’re watered and looking great.
  • Let the buyers see their lives in your house…not yours. Store excess family photos, the “wall of fame” and anything that is too much a reflection of YOUR life. We want them to focus on what their life would be like in their new home, not the museum of your life.
  • Put the bookshelves on a diet. Pack up most of the books on your shelf, leaving only the larger books and lots of room on the shelves. Overcrowded bookshelves shrink the appearance of a room.