Make the Bathroom Sparkle

These inexpensive designer tricks will make your bathroom look like ... a million dollars:

  • Make the bathroom appear as BIG as possible. Before showings...
  • Always empty the bathroom waste receptacle and put it away.
  • Put away toilet cleaners, plungers and hampers.
  • Keep all reading material out of sight.
  • Tuck personal items away (hairdryers, makeup kits, airbrushes).
  • Add a nice impact...
  • Invest in a new shower curtain and rod too if needed.
  • Hang matching new towels. Buy good quality ones that lend a luxurious touch.
  • A small flower arrangement on the counter can really compliment the room
  • Keep it clean ...
  • Keep your shower and tub area spotless. Display brand new soap and remove shampoo bottles.
  • Scrub tiles and bleach the grout so it all sparkles.
  • Shine your faucets and knobs and use a cleaner to prevent water spots.
  • Minor updates make a big difference ...
  • Replace or paint the vanity if it shows excessive wear and tear.
  • Replacing knobs can give an updated look to an older vanity.