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There is a principle in psychology called scarcity

It is the desire in all of us ..... to want something that we can’t have.

In Real Estate, there are some strategic ways to apply this principle.

Often, the illusion of scarcity can be orchestrated and appear in real estate situations without people even knowing that it’s there.

For example, take a situation where a home is on the market and more than one person is interested in it. Situations like this areSellers - already soldcalled "the auction effect" or" multiple offers.” In most of these cases, the house will sell for more than the owners are even asking for the house – and the buyers feel great about it because they won the bid! Someone else wanted the house, but they got it.

To create this powerful scenario requires creating an environment where as many buyers as possible are made aware of the property, at the same time and under the right circumstances.

Presenting Your Home for Maximum Results

Most of the time when a property is advertised in a traditional way, it’s almost impossible to create this kind of environment because your home is just another property on the market.

You need to approach buyers and present your home as "new information".

We do this in many ways.

One is to profile your home on our MarketWatch database.

What you need to realize, is that the new owner for your home has already started looking .....

Each month we take calls from people who are just starting to look for homes and need market information.

Right now, we have several active buyers who we are constantly searching homes for.

This is why we may be able to help you sell your home for top price ~ in as little as 24 hours.

By the way, scarcity is just one of 6 weapons of influence we use that can be skillfully applied to the marketing of your home.......