Compensationsellers - compensation

You may wonder " What are our fees?"

Experience shows that many people don’t know how we get compensated for our consulting, negotiating, and overseeing thetransactional details.

We work on a contingent basis versus a retainer basis, which means as your consultant, negotiator and overseer of all the details, we put up all the up-front money and time to help you make your dream come true.

This means we pay for all the marketing, office expenses, E & O insurance, our leasing, our assistants, gas, and business operating expenses – we ask for no retainer in advance.

Only when your dream comes true do we actually receive compensation.

We imagine you, like us, want to feel very comfortable paying what we earn because we enter every relationship knowing in advance that we are delivering 10 times the value that you would receive from a traditional Realtor.

Our purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the help we provide you that you’ll gladly introduce us to at least two people you really care about before we even sell your home or help you to buy your dream home.