Short Notice Showing? Best Hiding Places Buyers Will Never Look!

What if we call to show your home in, say, half an hour and you tell us that will be fine. However, as you hang up the phone, you notice that your teenagers have been at it again…your house is CLEAN, it’s just not TIDY. Now, what do you do?

Since we all know that the first impression is important, here's some tips on where to quickly hide away “stuff.”

Places that buyers will look include:

  • the oven
  • any closets
  • kitchen drawers
  • laundry room
  • and the kitchen pantry.

These places give them an indication, essentially, of how much storage space there is. If they’re overflowing, the buyers will think there just isn’t enough room to store their own things, since obviously you don’t have the space. Don’t defeat your efforts by stashing clutter in these places at the last minute, no matter how tempting it may be!

So, where CAN you hide things?

Under the bed.

It’s spacious, easy to get to, and no one in their right mind would get down on their hands and knees to look there during their first visit.

In the washer and dryer.

Although buyers like to look in the laundry to see the size and neatness, they won’t be looking to see if you actually have things in there. Our caution is to let everyone in the family know that it’s a hiding place, and to never start the machines without checking the contents first.

In the refrigerator.

This is risky; you know your kids are going to be in and out of the fridge – and how embarrassing would it be to have a shoe fall out? On the other hand, if you’ve just walked in from the grocery, you can certainly stash the entire grocery bag in there, until you’re ready to unpack it and put things away neatly.

Behind the couch.

That is, if the couch is against the wall. We all know that things get trapped there anyway, so it could be a quick opportunity to drop a toy or wayward socks for a quick fix.

In the trunk of your car.

Your garage or carport needs to be tidy. If it isn’t garbage day, yet you have bags lying around, drop them in. Skateboards and roller blades are a hazard anyway, so drop them in, too. Nobody has a right to check in your vehicle – take advantage of that fact!