Big, Beautiful Bedrooms!

Bedrooms are a key part of the home buying experience.  Bigger is better.

Here are some tips to make your bedrooms look bigger and brighter:

  • Candles and fresh flowers are excellent accessories on bedroom furniture.
  • New bedspreads or quilts make a bedroom look inviting.
  • Make your bed look attractive by fitting the bedspread or quilt properly. It should hang low enough to cover the view under the bed. Buyers won’t look under the bed, so you can store other non-essential items there (preferably in low storage boxes).
  • Put away the stacks of reading material on night stands and leave room for one good book.
  • In kids’ rooms, posters, photos, drawings and awards are all personal items that should be taken down for showing the house. You want the buyers to imagine the rooms as their own.
  • Remove the posters or torn-out magazine covers in kids or teenagers’ bedrooms.
  • Put away all items that are hanging off the backs of doors. Cluttered and clanking doors often make the room feel smaller – especially if they don’t allow the door to open all the way.
  • Remember that buyers are most likely going to look in your closets, so a better place to hide things is under the bed. Make sure the closets are as spacious looking as they can be. Remove all the clothes, shoes, and items that you won’t be using right away.
  • In kids’ bedrooms, be sure to put the toys in boxes or bins, and slide them under the bed.
  • Items that you don’t need should be taken out of the closet to make them more spacious. Get an early start and pack items in boxes and store them in the garage or basement.
  • Coordinate your clothing in your closets and line shoes up neatly so it looks as organized as possible.