Our FIRST ROLE is that of your Consultant.

Our Mission 1


As your consultant, we will ask you profound, insightful questions, many of which another agent or lender may not ever take the risk of asking, for fear of being too intrusive.

We will ask you intelligent, yet probing, questions because our experience has taught us that by asking these types of questions, we can discover what is really important to you. We are able to clarify your values. When your values are clear, your choices become easier.

We will listen vigilantly to your answers and design a specific strategy based on what you have said, and then craft a marketing plan to find you the best home, or get you the best price for your home.

As your Consultant, one of the things we will do for you is define the problems we may encounter so that you can differentiate the essential objectives from less relevant concerns. This helps you pinpoint the most important factors instead of becoming overwhelmed by too many little things.

Our experience helps us to aniticipate likely obstacles that may get in the way of achieving your objectives and then identify solutions to circumvent them. We can recognize and balance all the different needs of the people involved and help to impact the decisions you make.

Having a Consultant that knows what can lie ahead and can help you navigate the way is detrimental to alleviating the stresses that can soon overwhelm even the savviest of property owners and buyers.