Our THIRD ROLE is to Supervise all Transactions

Our Mission 3


In real estate, every detail must be exact - each "i" must be dotted, every "t" must be crossed. There are easily 100 documents that can require upward of 43 signatures and initials - and making a mistake can be very costly to you.

Every transaction has 100-150 phone calls alone and each one of them is loaded with critical details. Over 40 different people from 14 different industries become involved during the seven stages of a transaction. There is alot of what is called "integrated complexity."

To explain that term, imagine that selling/buying or borrowing is similar to flying a plane across country. You may run into turbulence. If you've every flown and know the feeling of turbulence, then you can well appreciate the pilot that steers you expertly through it, and instills trust in his competence during a stressful trip.

We are like that pilot. When things don't go smoothly, and many times they don't, we are equipped to steer our way smoothly through each detail with very little disruption for our client - our passenger.

One of our greatest abilities is to see things from multiple perspectives. We can identify the unintended, yet very likely, consequences of any decisions made. We can also determine the conclusions too. We will consider the probable effects from taking a particular course of action and proactively make approprate adjustments beforehand, so that any turbulence is accounted for and offset by forethought.

We will keep you informed so that you know that everything is taken care of, and how it is being taken care of, but otherwise you can relax and be confident that you have entrusted these very important details - and any turbulence on the horizon - to us, your expert real estate professionals.