Our SECOND ROLE is as your Negotiator.

 Our Mission 2


We treat your money like it is ours.

When it is time to save you money, or make money for you - we are determined and untiring in making sure your interests are our priority. Money can be an emotional issue and to represent yourself in real estate is like performing your own surgery - you may be able to do it but you may lose a lot in the end.

Similar to choosing a doctor you can trust to perform that surgery, it is equally important to entrust your real estate transaction to a skilled, experienced, focused negotiator expert in their field.

As your negotiator, we recognize any underlying agendas and motivations from the other individuals involved in your transaction. Our experience and skillfull articulation can recognize any strengths and weaknesses of the proposals other agents or lenders bring. We also anticipate any possible reactions and recognize how best to handle them. Finally, we have the expert ability to debate the essential flaws in their arguments and reinforce the strength of your position.

Throughout the entire process, we are commited to your goal - a successful sale - and to maintaining a sound course of action throughout. Having a skilled negotiator on your team leverages you into a power position - and that's exactly where you want to be when it comes to real estate deals!